Advisory Services

As a leading provider of integrated risk management and regulatory capital calculation solutions for the banking and capital markets, asset management, corporate treasure sector and Central Counterparty Clearing Houses, we can also provide help, guidance and programme management to help you tackle the numerous challenges faced in the ever changing risk management and regulatory compliance arenas.

We provide experienced and specialist advisory resources which offer a combination of qualitative, quantitative, regulatory and technology skills. The team includes industry practitioners, quantitative analysts, technology architects and a dedicated development capability to provide bespoke risk measurement and management services and solutions where and when needed across the globe.

Our understanding of the issues around risk and risk technology, enables Razor Risk to quickly identify the issues, define solutions and work cost effectively with you to deliver innovative solutions. Our team ensures a cost effective and long lasting solution is enabled so that you can optimise your performance across all of your risk management environments.

From discovery to delivery, we work alongside your teams to maximise performance in all impacted areas.

Risk Management

Assisting financial services firms create, enhance, implement and maintain solutions for the identification, measurement, management and reporting of risks wherever they are generated.

Quantitative and Modelling Services

Experienced practitioners deliver solutions and support services that help firms develop, validate, test and document risk measurement and valuation methodologies.

Credit Risk

Our team provides advice and guidance, borne from our roots in designing, developing, deploying and maintaining credit risk solutions. We can help identify gaps in current capabilities, understand the technology implications of deploying different tools and provide a framework for moving from current state through desired state into a cost effective and compliant business as usual capability.

Market Risk

A proven, tried and tested team with significant experience in traded risk, capital markets risk and regulatory capital requirements provide analysis of existing systems, design of both tactical and strategic approaches to mitigating risk and establishing cost effective solutions to current problems.


Capital Management

Changes and requirements from BCBS (Basel), BIS, SEC, FDIC, ECB and other regulatory regimes, means the “current state” never persists for long. Our team provides solutions that allow for changes and new technical demands to be assessed, investigated, analysed and eventually enhanced or replaced so that the firm can manage all requirements within their chosen operating models.

Liquidity Risk

By looking at the portfolio of assets and comparing directly with the firm’s liabilities, across all asset classes and counterparty portfolios, our team will ensure people, processes and systems are enabled to ensure real-time monitoring and analysis effectively supports the firm’s cash flows across all lines of business.

Clearing Risk

With the experience of deploying risk measurement and management systems in CCPs around the world, we can combine technical know-how with quantitative and qualitative analytics to deliver real-time clearing risk solutions that cover all asset classes, within different clearing models that both sustain liquidity and trading environments whilst ensuring adequate margins, collateral and risk mitigation are available across the economic cycles.

Operational Risk

Through understanding the machinations of capital markets firms, we can support each individual institution in identifying, quantifying, mitigating and reporting operational risks. The analysis can include people and processes as well as technical infrastructure assessment to ensure a comprehensive view of the overall operating environment is established and maintained.

Compliance Risk

From a Risk Management perspective, compliance risk has many layers, our team can help you peel-back these layers to provide a solution that works locally but provides strategic cover across the whole firm.

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