Delays and high failure rates hit FRTB implementation

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FRTB Delays

Is FRTB on your RADAR?

Not only should Senior Executives and leading practitioners from Risk, Treasury/Capital Management, Compliance, Regulatory Reporting and Front Office trading participate in discussions and decisions about their firm’s approach to resolving the issues surrounding FRTB, they will, if they are not already, surely be expected to lead the final decisions as to how “fundamental” this wide-ranging BCBS requirement will change the way the bank operates. Existing approaches to siloed IT systems may not be the most cost effective way to reach and sustain compliance.

This recently published article at Global Risk Regulator pinpoints some key facts, which readers may find useful. We here at Razor Risk, can provide a solution that is deployed quickly and seamlessly into existing IT ecosystems, augmenting “business as usual” systems by taking all relevant inputs, consolidating results in one easy to access place and providing real-time capabilities from Front Office through to Regulatory Reporting under both the Standardised and Internal Model Approaches.

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    Peter Walsh

    Global Head of Sales at Razor Risk
    Peter is a banker by trade (ACIB) and a qualified practitioner in managing IT intensive programmes allied to a lifetime of City-based roles and experiences. His experience and knowledge of the risk management and management disciplines helps provide clarity – and, with his background in banking, regulatory compliance and risk systems he is uniquely placed to discuss and describe how technology enablers can be deployed to deliver effective and efficient solutions in the most demanding situations, including the bewildering array of regulations and changes that will be affecting collateral, margining and associated risk management.
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