Parabellum Investments

Parabellum Investments is the family office of its founder and CEO, Rami Cassis.

Parabellum Investments owns a number of companies, one of which is Razor Risk. Other businesses within the Parabellum Investments portfolio cover its main specialist sectors including enterprise software, business and IT services, life sciences and financial technology. The firm invests outside these core areas where it sees synergy across its international operations and scope to grow a business which aligns with the interests and experience of its management team, led by Rami Cassis.

Parabellum Investments mainly deploys its own funds to acquire controlling stakes in operating companies. It can therefore make decisions quickly, transparently, and free from the red tape and bureaucracy often associated with other investment firms. It is also proud of the strong relationships forged with the management teams of its portfolio companies and places a strong emphasis on continuity of service post-acquisition and the protection of the vendor’s reputation. Indeed, the ability to implement a clear and realistic growth plan is an important consideration when looking for a company to acquire. The deal flow of Parabellum Investments is varied. However, it usually acquires companies from large corporate groups seeking to dispose of non-core assets to a reputable and operational buyer or from owner operators who are also keen to ensure continuity of trading and that its employees are well looked after.

Parabellum Investments is a highly operational family office and brings together an experienced team. The specific skillsets that can be demonstrated include entrepreneurship, corporate executive leadership, operations, legal, HR, finance, public relations, and marketing. These individual skills can be deployed where needed among the portfolio companies, providing a valuable source of support where needed.

Furthermore, Parabellum Investments’ word is its bond, and it prides itself on the way its team engages with any stakeholder. The way the team works is always respectful, open and principled. Conscious of never wasting anyone’s time, the team is always decisive and never volunteers opinions if it does not feel sufficiently informed to do so. In transactions, the team always qualifies deals quickly and sets price expectations early.Parabellum Investments, Rami Cassis, and each of the portfolio companies have become firmly established as media commentators and thought leaders in key global media titles. News and commentary can regularly be found within global private equity, life sciences, financial technology, and general business publications. In addition, company personnel can often be found presenting and networking at some of the leading industry events within their various sectors.

Since becoming a portfolio company of Parabellum Investments, Razor Risk has continued to evolve into a leading provider of risk management technology and consulting solutions to financial institutions across the globe.

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