Challenges in the Capital Markets

Market Challenges

  • Costs due to Capital increases
  • Costs due to Margin increases (Cleared and uncleared)
  • Regulations are changing sell/buy side relationships, some buy-side positions incur unacceptable cost to the sell-side
  • Compliance has been expensive but 2018 onwards should be more stable
  • Focus on cost reduction in the front office, greater ROE
  • Focus on cost reduction in the middle and back office – better automation to reduce costs and manual tasks
  • Giving senior leaders appropriate tools to make sense of the huge amounts of economic information delivered by analytics systems

Leadership Challenges

  • Profit margins eroded on buy-side relationships
  • Buy-side portfolios can bring more cost than profit
  • Understanding where and who is driving capital charges (which products, desks, books, business lines)
  • Tracking the evolution of P&L up and down the hierarchy of traders, books, portfolios, desks and products
  • Tracking costs back to the underlying drivers
  • Improve reporting from post-event/reactive to real-time/proactive

CCP Challenges

  • The network effect – bigger is better, LCH dominates IRDs and ICE dominates CDS
  • Developing national / local capital markets via clearing can open up business by intermediating the trust relationships
  • Take the risk out of trading by introducing a CCP
  • Expensive to build and needs considerable subject matter knowledge

Technology Challenges

  • Everyone sees smartphone apps – setting expectations of the user experience
  • Corporate software is rarely as easy to use, or as appealing
  • Hardware gets cheaper so capabilities can expand
  • AI & Machine learning – should you be using it?
  • Enterprise wide analytics demands large scale processing with data aggregation across multiple business lines and systems
  • Aggregating data across a segmented organisation is a foundation to then produce enterprise wide analytics

The Razor Approach

  • Aggregate high quality portfolio data and track provenance
  • Acquire high quality market and scenario data
  • Map the organizational hierarchy
  • Calculate the analytics once
  • Present the current state across the hierarchy
  • Show the outcome of business ‘what if’ scenarios
    • Reduce capital by desk and product
    • Reduce margin by product and business line
    • Understand P&L evolution versus costs
    • Show the portfolio optimization opportunities
  • Integrate with Compliance platforms

Your Score Sheet

  • Do you have portfolio data from across your enterprise in one place?
  • Do you have strong controls and monitoring on portfolio data?
  • Do you have your market data in one place?
  • Do you have strong controls and monitoring on your ‘golden’ portfolio data?
  • Do you have full scope pricing and analytics?
  • Do you have “What-if?” capabilities?
    • On capital
    • On margin
    • On gross notional
    • On P&L
  • Is your platform real-time?
  • Are your analytics and metrics focussed on senior leadership business decisions?

Lets Us Know What You See

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